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Technoline WS-9130 Weather Station


 The Technoline WS-9130 weather station displays both indoor and outdoor temperature (via the included wireless temperature sensor) on its super clear display.

  • Extremely accurate radio controlled clock automatically updated via the DCF-77 atomic clock timing signal.

  • Records and displays the minimum and maximum temperature range for both the indoor and outdoor temperature.

  • The outdoor sensor has a maximum transmitter range of 100 metres.

  • Barometric weather tendency prediction display based on changes in air pressure.


Min/Max temperature range : -9C to 38C

Powered by : 2 x AA (indoor display) and 2 x AAA (outdoor sensor)

Free standing or wall mounted 


25.95 inc VAT


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Buy once- recharge a thousand times

If you have any questions about the Technoline WS-9130 Weather Station  
please call on 020 8989 1087
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