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Technoline BL700N battery charger

Technoline BL700N battery charger

£34.95 inc VAT

The professional standard Technoline BL700N battery charger is an extremely popular unit with both long time rechargeable battery users who have already experienced the problems associated with standard battery chargers, and the many users who are new to rechargeable batteries and simply want to do it properly from the start. 

The Technoline BL700N is our best selling battery charger and the latest BL700N version incorporating 'N-Step' charge technology means it effortlessly charges even the flattest of batteries and is widely regarded as the very best battery charger of its type. Perfect for all AA and AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries.

The Technoline BL700N battery charger with 'N' step charge technology uses only the very highest specification  components and boasts four independent charging channels each of which allow for independent charging, discharging, refreshing or testing of any AA or AAA rechargeable battery, both NiCd and NiMH. In fact, due to the very high specification components used in the manufacture of this unit, it costs more to build the Technoline BL700N battery charger than most of the lower quality copycat clones sell for.

Perfect for charging odd numbers of batteries (1,2,3 or 4) or for charging batteries which are not always used and charged in sets as the individual battery monitoring takes the guesswork out of charging and provides spot on charging for each battery every time .

 Each battery compartment has its own LCD readout which provides real time information relating to the status of individual batteries. You can view actual charge/discharge current, terminal voltage, accumulated mAh and elapsed time per cell.

BatteryLogic have proudly been the UK distributors of the Technoline BL700 battery charger for more than a decade and due to its fantastic service record and continual technical improvement, the BL700 has been our best selling battery charger each and every month for more than ten years!  The impressive performance and reliability of the BL700N is a direct result of the clever onboard software and the use of very high specification components throughout. If you think you've seen this excellent battery charger cheaper elsewhere, you haven't. The class leading Technoline BL700N is often copied but never equalled.

Technoline BL-700N Specifications

Power supply :
110-240V AC (UK pin)
Input Voltage :
DC 12V
Battery Count :
1 - 4 single cells, cylindrical
Battery Sizes :
Battery Chemistry Type :
NiMH, NiCd,
Charge Current Range :
200, 500 or 700mAh /slot
Discharge Current Range :
100, 250 or 350mAh
Operation Modes :
Charge, Discharge, Test, Refresh
Display :
Temperature Sensors :
Operating Temperature :
0°C - 40°C
Calibration :
Factory calibration
Voltage Measurement :
±10mV internal resolution
Current Measurement :
±10mA internal resolution
Standby Current Drain : <0.05mA / battery
Reverse polarity protection :
Over temperature protection :
Over capacity protection :
Dimensions (L×W×H) :
130× 75× 35mm
Weight : 135g (approx.)

BatteryLogic are UK Technoline specialists and the Technoline BL700N is supplied with the official UK power supply and a full 12 month warranty. All orders placed before 5pm (mon-fri) are dispatched on the same day with FREE UK delivery via Royal Mail First Class post.

Technoline BL700N Battery Charger

If you have any questions about the Technoline BL700N battery charger please call on 020 8989 1087 (mon-fri 10am - 5pm) and we'll be very happy to help

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