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Japcell BC-1600 Battery Charger


Japcell BC-1600 Battery Charger

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The Japcell BC-1600 is a 16 slot battery charger and a robust solution for heavy users of high capacity AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. Whether you call it a 16 slot, 16 bay or 16 position battery charger this unit is great for charging a large number of AA or AAA rechargeable batteries simultaneously.

16 Independent Charging Circuits

Featuring sixteen independent circuits, you can charge 1-16 AA/AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries, from any manufacturer, in any combination.

Clear LCD Screen

The Japcell BC-1600 battery charger incorporates a large LCD screen showing the charging status of each battery with a clear and easy to read bar display corresponding to each battery position.

Precision Microprocessor Controlled

The Japcell BC-1600 battery charger is controlled by custom microprocessors and super high tolerance A/D converters for consistently accurate charge termination ensuring that charging ends for each battery as they reach full capacity.
This is the high specification version of the Japcell BC1600 battery charger which over the years has built a solid following with professional users as an establsihed favourite and is especially popular with sound engineers in particular.

** Out of Stock **

If you have any questions about the Japcell BC-1600 Battery Charger please call on 020 8989 1087 (mon-fri 10am - 5pm) and we'll be very happy to help

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