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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm New to rechargeable batteries, tell me a little bit more ..

There is nothing technical or 'specialist' about rechargeable batteries. They are intended for everyday use and come in everyday sizes (AA, AAA, C ,D, and PP3) They are exactly the same size as the throwaway batteries you would buy in any High Street store or supermarket. The beauty of rechargeable batteries is that they can generally be recharged up to a thousand times and generally they greatly outperform standard everyday 'throwaway' batteries such as Duracell and Energizers in devices that 'eat batteries'. The fact that rechargeable batteries can be used again and again represents a massive saving over their useful life. Battery Logic : Buy once, recharge a thousand times. Rechargeable NiMH batteries are also very popular simply due to the fact that they are extremely environmentally friendly. Kind to your pocket - Kind to the environment. Once charged you use your rechargeable batteries as you would any other standard battery, the only difference is that after a few charges you are no longer handing over your cash for 'throwaway' batteries. All our chargers and batteries pay for themselves pretty quickly. Welcome to Battery Logic!

Q : When should I choose between normal NiMH rechargeable batteries or eneloop low self discharge batteries?

Eneloop low self discharge batteries are the battery of choice for almost every application. Don't for one minute think that you are getting a lesser battery simply because the standard eneloop battery capacity is rated at 2000mAH whilst regular NiMH AA batteries might be rated at 2300,2500 or even 2700mAh. The low self discharge eneloop rechargeable batteries are by far the best choice. The reason for this is simple and comes down to the 'self' or 'natural' discharge found in regular NiMH batteries. What self discharge means is that once charged, a fully charged NiMH battery is losing a small part of its charge on a daily basis even when not being used. In fact, the higher the rated capacity of the battery, the faster the rate of self discharge becomes! An Eneloop battery on the other hand has a VERY LOW self discharge which means it can maintain its stored power for months and months on end. This very low self discharge characteristic is what makes the Fujistu and Eneloop low self discharge batteries so very popular with most battery users. As an example, if you charged a standard 2700mAh AA and a 2000mAh Eneloop battery and put them both to use immediately in a power hungry device then the 2700mAh battery would give you approximately 25% longer use due to its higher initial capacity. If however you left the batteries in a device such as a digital camera, and came back to them three or four weeks later then the Eneloop batteries would now give you longer use because they will have held on to most of their power while the 2700mAh battery would have lost a considerable amount of charge due to the self discharge mentioned earlier. In a nutshell the numbers game (mAh capacity) goes out the window unless you really hammer your batteries and are constantly charging them when used in extremely power hungry devices. For the average user, Eneloop batteries offer a much more reliable solution and this is why we now sell more AA Eneloop batteries than all other AA batteries put together! If you have any questions about any of our products please call on 020 8989 1087 mon-fri 10am-5pm. We know our product range inside out, we LOVE talking batteries and are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Q : Can I use 1.2 V rechargeable batteries in devices that usually take 1.5 V throw away batteries?

Yes, most definitely. Using 1.2 V rechargeable batteries will have no effect on the use of the equipment. In fact an alkaline battery only benefits from 1.5 V voltage at the beginning of its discharge. Then, it drops constantly to well below 1.2 V. Finally, it drops to around 0.6 V. Most equipment will work happily on anything between 0.9 V and 1.5 V. Unlike alkaline batteries where the voltage drops quickly, rechargeable batteries offer a more constant voltage around 1.25 V throughout the entire period of use. That is why the latest rechargeable batteries will actually outperform alkaline batteries in equipment calling for a constant and high level of energy input, such as digital cameras, flashes, camcorders, computer keyboards and mice, portable phones, DVD players, toys, gadgets - well just about anything.

Q : Can I recharge ordinary alkaline throwaway batteries ?

You should never attempt to recharge a normal alkaline throwaway battery in any of our NiMH battery chargers as this could result in leakage from the battery and damage to the charger. There are some battery charges that claim to be able to recharge throwaway batteries but alkaline single use batteries have not been designed to be recharged and in our experience such chargers should be taken with a pinch of salt. Our advice would always be that if you want to recharge batteries invest in proper rechargeable batteries which have been designed to be recharged hundreds of times with consistently reliable performance.

Q : My batteries get warm when I charge them. Is this normal?

When charging rechargeable batteries, they can noticebly increase in temperature due to internal resistance and the charging process in general and batteries therefore may feel warm during charging and when the charge is completed. According to specification most NiMH batteries may heat up to 55°C during a charge cycle and this can certainly feel hot to some users.

Q : Why should I use rechargeable batteries ?

Rechargeable x 1000 = Battery Logic .. If it takes a battery it will take a rechargeable battery!.

Q : How long does it take to deliver ?

All orders received before 5pm, Mon - Fri, are dispatched on the same day. All orders are sent via Royal Mail First Class post. If you would like us to deliver to another location, your work address for example, please call our Sales and Customer Support team on 020 8989 1087 (mon-fri 10am-5pm)

Q : I've been told that rechargeable batteries are rubbish!!

The latest NiMH rechargeable batteries we stock are superb by comparison to early rechargeable batteries. Today's NiMH rechargeable batteries will easily outperform everyday 'throwaway' alkaline batteries in most modern digital equipment and perform fantastically in almost every application. Our most popular AA/AAA batteries are eneloop low self discharge batteries. All our batteries and battery chargers are designed for use in today's power hungry devices and all items are covered by the Battery Logic Satisfaction Guarantee. We are so confident in the quality of our products that if for any reason you are disappointed with the performance of your purchase we will give you your money back!

Q : Which are better NiCd or NiMH rechargeable batteries?

NiMH are by far the best rechargeable battery when compared to NiCd equivalents in both capacity and performance. To simplify the answer, NiCd batteries are no longer available and are no longer produced for general sale due to the presence of Cadmium which is a heavy metal and an environmental no-no. (NiCd = Nickel Cadmium). In a nutshell, forget NiCd and it's NiMH every day!

Q : Do NiMH batteries suffer from memory effect?

NiMH do not suffer from memory effect. The dreaded 'memory effect' is thankfully a thing of the past that used to affect older NiCd batteries and really became a problem if you attempted to recharge a NiCd battery before it was completely flat which resulted in lower and lower capacities after each such charge.
Modern NiMH batteries can be topped up at any time without a second thought in any of our intelligent battery chargers.

Q : Can I leave my NiMH bateries in the charger?

All our battery chargers are 'intelligent' which means that they will detect when individual batteries reach full power and the charger will automatically switch to a low current 'trickle charge' when charging completes. A good quality NiMH rechargeable battery can safely receive a trickle charge (sometimes referred to as a mainteneance charge) from any of our NiMH battery chargers for long periods of time so your batteries can certainly be left in the charger once charging finishes. However, as with all electrical items plugged into mains electricity, it is always good practice to not leave equipment left powered on unnecessarily.

Q : Are eneloop batteries NiMH or NiCd?

All eneloop rechargeable batteries are NiMH. Strictly speaking eneloop bateries are known as Low Self Discharge NiMH due to their excellent charge retention properties but at the end of the day they are NiMH batteries.

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