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Our Privacy Policy

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We never have and never will share any customer information with any third parties.

We collect your name and address simply because we need this information to deliver your order to you. We can't make a delivery if you have not told us where to deliver to.

We store details of your order number, the date of your order, the items you have ordered and the price you paid. This information is used by us in the event of any requests from customers for after sales service, refunds or replacements under warranty.

When you place an order with us on the Internet we ask for an email address. Once you have placed your order you automatically receive two emails. One from WorldPay confirming the transaction and one from us (BatteryLogic) confirming the details of your order. We may also contact you by email if we have a specific query with your order. You can contact us at any time asking us to permanently remove your email address from our records. We never have and never will share any email addresses with any third parties.

When placing an order you have the option of providing a daytime telephone number. It is sometimes quicker and easier for us to telephone you directly if we have a query with your order. We will only ever telephone our customers if we have a specific query relating to an order. We never have and never will share customer telephone numbers with any third parties. 

Very occasionally we may email you with notification of seasonal or special offers. Any email we send you will be clearly sent from a BatteryLogic email address and will contain our full UK postal address, telephone number and an option for you to permanently remove your email address from our records. We never have and never will 'spam' any of our customers.

We do not store your credit/debit card details anywhere on our system. In fact we never get to see your card details. We use WorldPay's very secure payment system,WorldPay is based in the UK.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy please call us FREE on 0800 066 4668 mon-fri 10am-6pm, write to us at our postal address or email us at

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