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Varta LCD Multi Charger+


Varta LCD Multi Charger+

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The Varta LCD Multi Charger+ (57681) is a compact 'intelligent' 8 position battery charger suitable for charging all AA and AAA sized NiMH rechargeable batteries. The battery charger is very simple to use and can charge 1-8 batteries in any combination in any slot so you can charge an odd number of batteries and you can also simultaneously charge AA and AAA batteries.

The Varta LCD Multi Charger+ is very straight forward to operate, just pop the batteries in and the charger takes care of each battery individually and the charge progress is displayed as a percentage on the screen to give an overview of the charge status of each battery. The charger will stop charging for each battery automatically as individual batteries reach full power. Comprehensive safety features include: Minus Delta V cut-off, safety timer, short circuit protection, alkaline and bad cell detection



The Varta LCD Multi Charger+ (57681) is supplied with a high specification UK power supply and we offer a 12 month warranty for this charger. All orders placed before 5pm (mon-fri) are dispatched on the same day with FREE UK delivery via Royal Mail First Class post.
Please note that any batteries shown are NOT included.

Varta LCD Multi Charger+

If you have any questions about the Varta LCD Multi Charger+ please call on 020 8989 1087 020 8989 1087 (mon-fri 10am - 5pm) and we'll be very happy to help

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