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Two Way Radio Battery

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** a couple of frequently asked questions ..**

Where will I find the exact model of my two way radio?
You will normally find the full model number of your two way radio on the bottom of the charging station.
My existing battery is NiCd. Can I use a NiMH equivalent?
Yes, most definitely. Some older two way radios will have been supplied with a rechargeable NiCd battery and if that is what you have you can certainly use a rechargeable NiMH battery to replace it. If you were to buy the same two way radio  again today it would almost certainly be supplied with an NiMH equivalent.
My existing battery has a lower mAh rating than the battery showing on your website. Is this OK?
Yes, most definitely. mAh is simply a measure of a batteries capacity and if the battery you see has a higher rating then all this means is that you will enjoy longer talk/standby times due to the increased capacity of the battery. Occasionally the replacement battery we supply will have a slightly lower rated capacity. Again, the rechargeable battery will work perfectly in your two wat radio and you will probably not notice any difference whatsoever.

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