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The one question which most web shoppers will always ask is : How secure is the web shopping process ?


BatteryLogic use the most secure method of web payment possible and we NEVER ever get to see your credit card details. Your card details are processed by WorldPay.


You select your items on the BatteryLogic website and when you decide that you want to go ahead and make your purchase you click on the 'proceed to checkout' button and you are taken to the first stage of the shopping process.


You fill in your name and address as they appear on your card statement. We need this information as this is where we will deliver your goods to.
If you want to proceed with your purchase you click on the 'proceed to step 2' button. At this stage you simply check that the contents of your basket are what you want to order and you confirm that your name and address are spelt correctly. We now know exactly what you are ordering, where to deliver the goods to and the total cost of your purchase. This is all we need to know.
When you click on the Make Purchase button you are automatically transferred  to the WorldPay Secure Payment server. You will notice the universally recognised padlock symbol appear at the bottom of your browser. What this indicates is that any information you now enter (your card details) are encrypted to such a high level that it is impossible for anyone else to make sense of the detail should they intercept it. The only people able to decrypt this information are the intended recipient, which in this case is WorldPay.

When we transfer you to the WorldPay secure server we simply pass across your Order Number and the amount you will pay. You then enter your card details into the WorldPay system and they check your card details. If the transaction is approved the WorldPay secure server simply tells our systems that your transaction was successful and returns the order  number with a transaction status (either Successful or Cancelled). If the transaction status is Successful we then look up the details of your order number at our end and  dispatch the goods to you. 

You have simply confirmed your details with the clearing bank. If you think about it they must know your card details already, if they didn't they would not be able to clear the payment!.


This method of web shopping is by far and away the most secure method possible.

At no stage throughout the entire process do we ever see your card details.  

You can cancel your purchase or change your purchase details at any stage during the process.

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