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Mobile-Alerts Flood Sensor MA-10350


 The Mobile-Alerts Temperature / Humidity / Water Level Flood sensor (MA-10350) is one of the optional wireless sensors available for use with the Mobile Alerts remote monitoring Gateway system (MA-10001)


The MA-10350 sensor can be placed in any location where unexpected water would be a problem as it can automatically detect the presence of water. For example, the sensor could be located behind a washing machine which could detect a leak from a pipe. The sensor is also very useful when placed in remote locations (within 100 metres of the gateway) such as out building, workshops, cellars etc where rising water levels can be automatically monitored, and in the event of flooding, can automatically trigger an immediate alert being sent directly to your smart phone.

The MA-10350 sensor is powered by 2 x AAA batteries and the H2O water sensor is supplied with a 1.5 metre lead.


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Buy once- recharge a thousand times

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