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Mobile-Alerts Sensor MA-10101



Measuring range temperature: 39.9C to + 59.9C
Accuracy: +/- 1C
Measuring interval: 7 minutes
Transmission range: 100m (open area)
Batteries: 2 x AAA
Battery duration: approx 2 years
Dimensions: 32 x 17 x 87mm

 The Mobile-Alerts Temperature sensor (MA-10101) is one of the optional wireless sensors available for use with the Mobile Alerts remote monitoring Gateway system (MA-10001) ** which is sold separately and required for this sensor to operate **

The Mobile Alerts MA10101 temperature sensor remotely  measures and monitors temperature levels from the attached temperature cable probe which are then displayed to your smartphone. 

it is possible to set alerts for user defined temperature levels which once reached or exceeded can automatically push an alert message directly to your smartphone (please see the example screens below)

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Buy once- recharge a thousand times

If you have any questions about the Mobile-Alerts Temperature sensor with cable probe (MA-10101)
please call on 020 8989 1087
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