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Cordless Phone Battery Compatibility List

We stock an extensive selection of rechargeable cordless phone batteries, we have the perfect replacement battery for almost every UK cordless phone model.

In many cases you will find that the replacement battery we supply will be of a higher capacity than the original battery you are replacing. This is never a problem as all this means is that you will enjoy longer talk and standby times due to the higher capacity offered by the newer battery.


ALCATEL Cordless Phones
   ALCATEL EOLE 170 battery
ANSWERCALL Cordless Phones
   ANSWERCALL AD3500 battery
   ANSWERCALL AD355 battery
   ANSWERCALL CT100 battery
   ANSWERCALL CT500 battery
ARIA Cordless Phones
   ARIA FD2 battery
ASCOM Cordless Phones
   ASCOM AVENA battery
   ASCOM AVENA 233 battery
   ASCOM AVENA 233 PLUS battery
AUDIOLINE Cordless Phones
   AUDIOLINE 5015 battery
   AUDIOLINE 70 battery
   AUDIOLINE AT500 battery
   AUDIOLINE CDL150 battery
   AUDIOLINE FF 555 battery
   AUDIOLINE FF 788 battery
   AUDIOLINE FF 883 battery
   AUDIOLINE FF 888 battery
   AUDIOLINE FF 893 battery
   AUDIOLINE FF 894 battery
   AUDIOLINE FF 895 battery
   AUDIOLINE FF 988 battery
   AUDIOLINE PMR Easy 012 battery
   AUDIOLINE PMR012 battery
   AUDIOLINE Slim battery
   AUDIOLINE Slim Dect 500 battery
   AUDIOLINE Slim Dect 502 battery
   AUDIOLINE Slim Dect 580 battery
   AUDIOLINE Slim Dect 582 battery
   AUDIOLINE Slim Dect TXD7400 battery
   AUDIOLINE TX D7400 battery
BETACOM Cordless Phones
   BETACOM BC400 battery
   BETACOM QUEST battery
   BETACOM ROMA battery
BIGTEL Cordless Phones
   BIGTEL 202 battery
BINATONE Cordless Phones
   BINATONE 2117 battery
   BINATONE ACTIVITY 1000 battery
   BINATONE ACTIVITY 2000 battery
   BINATONE ACTIVITY 2610 battery
   BINATONE ACTIVITY 6210 battery
   BINATONE ADVANCE 100 battery
   BINATONE ADVANCE 100 Plus battery
   BINATONE ADVANCE 200 battery
   BINATONE ADVANCE 200 Plus battery
   BINATONE AIRLINK 80 battery
   BINATONE BB510 battery
   BINATONE Big Button 3410 battery
   BINATONE Big Button 510 battery
   BINATONE CE0560 battery
   BINATONE CE0681 battery
   BINATONE CEO 560 battery
   BINATONE Concept Combo 2310 battery
   BINATONE E3250 battery
   BINATONE E3300 battery
   BINATONE E3310 battery
   BINATONE E3450 battery
   BINATONE E3900 battery
   BINATONE E4400 battery
   BINATONE E4500 battery
   BINATONE E800 battery
   BINATONE E820 battery
   BINATONE E830 battery
   BINATONE E900 battery
   BINATONE E9000 battery
   BINATONE E920 battery
   BINATONE EASY TOUCH 100 battery
   BINATONE EASY TOUCH 200 battery
   BINATONE EUROTEL 1411 battery
   BINATONE EUROTEL 3000 battery
   BINATONE EUROTEL 3100 (AA) battery
   BINATONE EUROTEL 3100 (AAA) battery
   BINATONE EUROTEL 3200 battery
   BINATONE EUROTEL e1100 battery
   BINATONE Fusion 2200 battery
   BINATONE Fusion 2210 battery
   BINATONE Fusion 2510 battery
   BINATONE G11 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 1200 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 1210 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 1500 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 200 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 2020 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 4 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 400 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 8 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 80 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 800 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 8000 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 9 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 90 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 900 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS 9000 battery
   BINATONE ICARUS CE 0560 battery
   BINATONE iDect V1 battery
   BINATONE iDect X2i battery
   BINATONE iDect X2i Double battery
   BINATONE iDect X2i Single battery
   BINATONE Lifestyle battery
   BINATONE Lifestyle 100 battery
   BINATONE Lifestyle Signature battery
   BINATONE MA 750 battery
   BINATONE MA 760 battery
   BINATONE MD 100 battery
   BINATONE MD 1000 battery
   BINATONE MD 1500 battery
   BINATONE MD 2000 battery
   BINATONE MD 2020 battery
   BINATONE MD 500 battery
   BINATONE MD 6100 battery
   BINATONE MD 6200 battery
   BINATONE MD 7250 battery
   BINATONE MD 75 battery
   BINATONE MD 750 battery
   BINATONE Micro Dect RANGE battery
   BINATONE ND 6200 battery
   BINATONE PEGASYS 100 battery
   BINATONE PEGASYS 1200 battery
   BINATONE PEGASYS 1210 battery
   BINATONE PEGASYS 200 battery
   BINATONE PEGASYS 300 battery
   BINATONE PEGASYS 400 battery
   BINATONE PEGASYS 80 battery
   BINATONE PEGASYS 800 battery
   BINATONE PEGASYS 8000 battery
   BINATONE PMR 600 battery
   BINATONE Style 1200 battery
   BINATONE Style 1210 battery
   BINATONE Style 1820 battery
   BINATONE Symphony 2210 battery
   BINATONE Symphony 2220 battery
   BINATONE Symphony G10 battery
   BINATONE Symphony G11 battery
   BINATONE Symphony G20 battery
   BINATONE Symphony G5 battery
   BINATONE Vantage 4110 battery
   BINATONE Vantage 4201 battery
   BINATONE Vantage 4210 battery
   BINATONE Veva 1200 battery
   BINATONE Veva 1210 battery
BT Cordless Phones
   BT 5M702BMX battery
   BT 5M702BMX battery
   BT Baby Monitor 100 battery
   BT Baby Monitor 150 battery
   BT Baby Monitor Plus battery
   BT CALYPSO 1100 battery
   BT CALYPSO 120 battery
   BT CALYPSO 225 battery
   BT CLARITY 600 battery
   BT DECT Fax Handset battery
   BT Digital CLARITY battery
   BT DIVERSE 1000 battery
   BT DIVERSE 2000 battery
   BT DIVERSE 2010 battery
   BT DIVERSE 2015 battery
   BT DIVERSE 2016 battery
   BT DIVERSE 3000 SERIES battery
   BT DIVERSE 4000 battery
   BT DIVERSE 4000 SERIES battery
   BT DIVERSE 4010 battery
   BT DIVERSE 4016 battery
   BT DIVERSE 4016 Classic battery
   BT DIVERSE 4500 battery
   BT DIVERSE 5100 battery
   BT DIVERSE 5110 battery
   BT DIVERSE 5200 battery
   BT DIVERSE 5210 battery
   BT DIVERSE 5250 battery
   BT DIVERSE 5300 battery
   BT DIVERSE 5310 battery
   BT DIVERSE 5350 SMS battery
   BT DIVERSE 6100 battery
   BT DIVERSE 6110 battery
   BT DIVERSE 6150 battery
   BT DIVERSE 6200 battery
   BT DIVERSE 6350 battery
   BT DIVERSE 6410 battery
   BT DIVERSE 6450 battery
   BT DIVERSE SOLO battery
   BT DIVERSE Solo 5000 battery
   BT DIVERSE X10 battery
   BT DIVERSE X5 battery
   BT Edge 2100 battery
   BT Edge 2500 battery
   BT EQUINOX 1200 battery
   BT EUROTEL 3100 battery
   BT EUROTEL 3200 battery
   BT FREELANCE 3100 battery
   BT FREELANCE XA100 battery
   BT FREELANCE XA3000 battery
   BT FREELANCE XA500 battery
   BT FREELANCE XA5000 battery
   BT FREELANCE XC100 battery
   BT FREELANCE XC500 battery
   BT FREELANCE XD100 battery
   BT FREELANCE XD1500 battery
   BT FREELANCE XD500 battery
   BT FREELANCE XD510 battery
   BT FREELANCE XD5500 battery
   BT FREELANCE XD7500 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 100 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 1000 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 1025 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 1050 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 1100 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 120 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 1200 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 130 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 1500 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 200 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 2000 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 2010 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 2100 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 2200 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 225 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 2500 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 300+ battery
   BT FREESTYLE 320 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 320+ battery
   BT FREESTYLE 3200 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 350 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 3500 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 4100 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 4100 TRIO battery
   BT FREESTYLE 4500 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 50 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 520 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 60 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 610 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 6100 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 6300 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 65 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 650 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 70 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 7100 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 7110 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 7150 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 7250 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 75 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 750 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 80 battery
   BT FREESTYLE 90 battery
   BT FREEWAY battery
   BT GRAPHITE 1100 battery
   BT GRAPHITE 1500 battery
   BT Home Hub 1010 battery
   BT Home Hub 2.0 battery
   BT HUDSON 1500 battery
   BT LYRIC 1100 battery
   BT LYRIC 2100 battery
   BT LYRIC 2500 battery
   BT Mango battery
   BT NS3019 battery
   BT Paperjet 45 battery
   BT QUARTET 1000 battery
   BT QUARTET 1100 battery
   BT QUARTET 1500 battery
   BT QUARTET 2000 battery
   BT QUARTET 2010 battery
   BT QUARTET 2012 battery
   BT QUARTET 2015 battery
   BT QUARTET 2020 battery
   BT QUARTET 300 battery
   BT QUARTET 3000 battery
   BT QUARTET 3100 battery
   BT QUARTET 3500 battery
   BT REVEAL battery
   BT STRATUS 1500 battery
   BT STUDIO battery
   BT STUDIO 100 battery
   BT STUDIO 1000 battery
   BT STUDIO 1100 battery
   BT STUDIO 1500 battery
   BT STUDIO 2300 battery
   BT STUDIO 3100 battery
   BT STUDIO 3500 battery
   BT STUDIO 4100 battery
   BT STUDIO Plus battery
   BT SYNERGY 2000 battery
   BT SYNERGY 2010 battery
   BT SYNERGY 2020 battery
   BT SYNERGY 2100 battery
   BT SYNERGY 2110 battery
   BT SYNERGY 2120 battery
   BT SYNERGY 2150 battery
   BT SYNERGY 2200 battery
   BT SYNERGY 2210 battery
   BT SYNERGY 2220 battery
   BT SYNERGY 2250 battery
   BT SYNERGY 2300 battery
   BT SYNERGY 3000 battery
   BT SYNERGY 3100 battery
   BT SYNERGY 3105 battery
   BT SYNERGY 3105 TWIN battery
   BT SYNERGY 3106 battery
   BT SYNERGY 3200 battery
   BT SYNERGY 3305 battery
   BT SYNERGY 3500 battery
   BT SYNERGY 3505 battery
   BT SYNERGY 4100 battery
   BT SYNERGY 4500 battery
   BT SYNERGY 500 battery
   BT SYNERGY 5500 battery
   BT SYNERGY 600 battery
   BT SYNERGY 6500 battery
   BT SYNERGY 700 battery
   BT VERVE 100 battery
   BT VERVE 3010 battery
   BT VERVE 410 battery
   BT VERVE 450 battery
   BT X*100 battery
   BT X*500 battery
   BT XC100 battery
   BT XC200 battery
   BT XC500 battery
   BT XENON 1500 battery
BUSH Cordless Phones
   BUSH 201 battery
CABLE WIRELESS Cordless Phones
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 1000 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 1401 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 2000 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 250 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 2500 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 2600 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 265 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 2700 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 285 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 3000 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 4000 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 4100 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 4800 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 4801 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 4900 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 4901 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 495 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 600 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 650 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWD 700 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 100 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 200 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 2200 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 300 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 400 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 4400 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 500 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 600 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 6600 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 700 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 800 battery
   CABLE WIRELESS CWR 900 battery
CASIO Cordless Phones
   CASIO 2500 battery
   CASIO 2600 battery
   CASIO T 2600 battery
COBRA Cordless Phones
   COBRA FA AA battery
   COBRA FA BP battery
   COBRA FRS100 battery
   COBRA FRS1042 battery
   COBRA FRS1102 battery
   COBRA FRS1102 MFVP battery
   COBRA FRS117 battery
   COBRA FRS120 battery
   COBRA FRS225 battery
   COBRA FRS250 micro battery
   COBRA FRS70 battery
   COBRA FRS80 battery
   COBRA FRS85 battery
   COBRA MH FABP battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 100 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 104 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 110 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 115 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 130 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 220 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 235 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 250 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 300 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 305 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 307 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 310 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 310wx battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 315 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 70 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 80 battery
   COBRA Microtalk FRS 85 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 1050 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 1100 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 240 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 245 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 250 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 3000 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 3100 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 3175 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 350 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 550 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 560 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 590 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 900 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 945 battery
   COBRA Microtalk PR 950 battery
CS Cordless Phones
   CS 14H battery
DBTEL Cordless Phones
   DBTEL AMETHYST 620 battery
   DBTEL AMETHYST 640 battery
   DBTEL AMETHYST 660 battery
   DBTEL AMETHYST 720 battery
   DBTEL AMETHYST 730 battery
   DBTEL AMETHYST 740 battery
   DBTEL DB320 battery
DIALOGUE Cordless Phones
   DIALOGUE Europe battery
DORA Cordless Phones
   DORA X100 battery
DORO Cordless Phones
   DORO 520 GRANITE battery
   DORO 530 battery
   DORO 740 battery
Doro Cordless Phones
   Doro TH60 battery
   Doro TH65R battery
DORO MATRA Cordless Phones
   DORO MATRA DUNEA 160 battery
   DORO MATRA DUNEA 160C battery
   DORO MATRA DUNEA 250 battery
   DORO MATRA DUNEA 260 battery
   DORO MATRA DUNEA 260C battery
   DORO MATRA DUNEA 350C battery
   DORO MATRA DUNEA 360 battery
   DORO MATRA DUNEA 360C battery
   DORO MATRA DUNEA 362 C battery
   DORO MATRA DUNEA 60C battery
   DORO MATRA SOLEA 100 battery
   DORO MATRA SOLEA 160 battery
   DORO MATRA SOLEA 160C battery
   DORO MATRA SOLEA 250 battery
   DORO MATRA SOLEA 350 battery
   DORO MATRA SOLEA 350C battery
   DORO MATRA SOLEA 352C battery
DUALPHONE Cordless Phones
   DUALPHONE 3058 battery
   DUALPHONE 3081 battery
   DUALPHONE 3088 battery
EASYRoute Cordless Phones
   EASYRoute 828 battery
   EASYRoute DECT battery
EMERSON Cordless Phones
   EMERSON TEC 3000 battery
GEEMARC Cordless Phones
   GEEMARC ATLANTA 100 battery
   GEEMARC ATLANTA 150 battery
   GEEMARC ATLANTA 200 battery
   GEEMARC CC50 battery
   GEEMARC CC60 battery
   GENERAL ELECTRIC 2 9630A battery
GP Cordless Phones
   GP 55AAAHR28MX battery
   GP 5M702BMX battery
   GP BP0837 battery
   GP T382 battery
GREAT Cordless Phones
   GREAT 830 battery
GRUNDIG Cordless Phones
   GRUNDIG 850 battery
   GRUNDIG CP250 NOIR battery
GTE Cordless Phones
   GTE CLOU battery
iDect Cordless Phones
   iDect D1i battery
   iDect K1 battery
   iDect M1 battery
   iDect M2 battery
   iDect Q2i battery
   iDect X1 battery
   iDect X1i battery
   iDect X2 battery
   iDect X2D battery
   iDect X2Di battery
   iDect X2i battery
   iDect X3 battery
   iDect X3i battery
JACOB JENSEN Cordless Phones
   JACOB JENSEN T6 battery
John Lewis Cordless Phones
   John Lewis DG4100 battery
JVC Cordless Phones
   JVC TNE77 battery
   JVC TNE88 battery
LOGICOM Cordless Phones
   LOGICOM CT800 battery
   LOGICOM Galeo 100 battery
   LOGICOM Galeo 102 battery
MAGICBOX Cordless Phones
   MAGICBOX Katana Tam battery
   MAGICBOX Katana Tam Single battery
   MAGICBOX Katana Tam Twin battery
   MAGICBOX Touch Tam battery
   MAGICBOX Touch Tam Single battery
   MAGICBOX Touch Tam Twin battery
MARK Cordless Phones
   MARK BIT DECT GAP battery
MATRA Cordless Phones
   MATRA DUNEA 160 battery
   MATRA DUNEA 250 battery
   MATRA DUNEA 260 battery
   MATRA DUNEA 360 battery
   MATRA SOLEA 100 battery
   MATRA SOLEA 150 battery
   MATRA SOLEA 160 battery
   MATRA SOLEA 200 battery
   MATRA SOLEA 250 battery
   MATRA SOLEA 300 battery
   MATRA SOLEA 350 battery
microTALK Cordless Phones
   microTALK 100 battery
   microTALK 110 battery
   microTALK 115 battery
   microTALK 200 battery
   microTALK 300 battery
   microTALK 80 battery
   microTALK 85 battery
   microTALK PR500 battery
   microTALK PR900 battery
MIDLAND Cordless Phones
   MIDLAND AVP6 battery
   MIDLAND BATT 6R battery
   MIDLAND BATT6R battery
   MIDLAND GXT635 battery
   MIDLAND GXT650 battery
   MIDLAND GXT661 battery
   MIDLAND LXT210 battery
   MIDLAND LXT276 battery
   MIDLAND LXT314 battery
   MIDLAND LXT317 battery
   MIDLAND LXT318 battery
   MIDLAND LXT319 battery
   MIDLAND LXT320 battery
   MIDLAND LXT322 battery
   MIDLAND LXT323 battery
   MIDLAND LXT324 battery
   MIDLAND LXT330 battery
   MIDLAND LXT335 battery
   MIDLAND LXT340 battery
   MIDLAND LXT345 battery
   MIDLAND LXT350 battery
   MIDLAND LXT376 battery
   MIDLAND LXT410 battery
   MIDLAND LXT420 battery
   MIDLAND LXT435 battery
   MIDLAND LXT440 battery
   MIDLAND LXT460 battery
MODULOPHONE Cordless Phones
   MODULOPHONE CM15 battery
   MODULOPHONE CS20 battery
MOTOROLA Cordless Phones
   MOTOROLA 3XCAAA battery
   MOTOROLA 53617 battery
   MOTOROLA CD122 battery
   MOTOROLA D213 battery
   MOTOROLA D802 MotoLIVN battery
   MOTOROLA FV300 battery
   MOTOROLA FV500 battery
   MOTOROLA FV700 battery
   MOTOROLA FV700R battery
   MOTOROLA IXNN4002A battery
   MOTOROLA KEBT086B battery
   MOTOROLA ME4051 battery
   MOTOROLA SX500R battery
   MOTOROLA SX600 battery
   MOTOROLA SX800 battery
   MOTOROLA SX800R battery
   MOTOROLA SX900 battery
   MOTOROLA SX900R battery
   MOTOROLA TLKR T3 battery
   MOTOROLA TLKR T4 battery
   MOTOROLA TLKR T5 battery
   MOTOROLA TLKR T6 battery
   MOTOROLA TLKR T8 battery
   MOTOROLA TLKRT3 battery
   MOTOROLA TLKRT4 battery
   MOTOROLA TLKRT5 battery
   MOTOROLA TLKRT6 battery
   MOTOROLA TLKRT7 battery
   MOTOROLA TLKRT7 battery
   MOTOROLA TLKRT8 battery
   MOTOROLA XTR446 battery
NTL Cordless Phones
   NTL 4500 battery
   NTL 5800 SE battery
   NTL D4000 battery
   NTL D4001 battery
   NTL D4100 battery
   NTL D4900 battery
   NTL D5000 battery
   NTL D505 battery
   NTL D5100 battery
   NTL D5800 SE battery
   NTL D5801 SE battery
   NTL D585 SE battery
   NTL D5900 SE battery
   NTL D5901 SE battery
   NTL D5902 SE battery
   NTL D595 SE battery
   NTL D8000 battery
   NTL R66 battery
   NTL R77 battery
   NTL R88 battery
   NTL VS1000 battery
   NTL VS1001 battery
   NTL VS1003 battery
   NTL VS2000 battery
   NTL VS2002 battery
   NTL VS205 battery
OneTel Cordless Phones
   OneTel OT 10 battery
   OneTel OT 10 Twin battery
   OneTel OT 120 battery
   OneTel OT 15 battery
   OneTel OT 250 plus battery
   OneTel SIRRUS 200 battery
   OneTel SIRRUS 300 battery
OPEDYS Cordless Phones
   OPEDYS 36 battery
PANASONIC Cordless Phones
   PANASONIC 1005 battery
   PANASONIC 37 battery
   PANASONIC 38 battery
   PANASONIC 952 battery
   PANASONIC CD 560ES battery
   PANASONIC HHR P104 battery
   PANASONIC HHR P104A battery
   PANASONIC KG TG6412ET battery
   PANASONIC KX A114CE battery
   PANASONIC KX A118CE battery
   PANASONIC KX A120CE battery
   PANASONIC KX A141ES battery
   PANASONIC KX A142ES battery
   PANASONIC KX A143EB battery
   PANASONIC KX A144ES battery
   PANASONIC KX A145EM battery
   PANASONIC KX A151 battery
   PANASONIC KX A36A battery
   PANASONIC KX FG2300 battery
   PANASONIC KX FG2302 battery
   PANASONIC KX FG5210 battery
   PANASONIC KX FG5212 battery
   PANASONIC KX FG5213 battery
   PANASONIC KX FG6550 battery
   PANASONIC KX FGP378 battery
   PANASONIC KX FGP379 battery
   PANASONIC KX FPG379 battery
   PANASONIC KX FPG391 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3610 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3611 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3620 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3620 MX battery
   PANASONIC KX T3621 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3640 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3705 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3710 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3716e battery
   PANASONIC KX T3720 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3720 MX battery
   PANASONIC KX T3725 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3726e battery
   PANASONIC KX T3730 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3730 MX battery
   PANASONIC KX T3800 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3816 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3820 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3822 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3823 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3824 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3832 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3848 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3850 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3855 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3870 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3875 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3880 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3900 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3910 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3910 MX battery
   PANASONIC KX T3920 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3930 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3932 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3935 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3940 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3950 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3960 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3965 battery
   PANASONIC KX T3980 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4035 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4046e battery
   PANASONIC KX T4050 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4060FR battery
   PANASONIC KX T4065 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4066e battery
   PANASONIC KX T4300 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4330 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4330 FR battery
   PANASONIC KX T4340 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4350 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4350R battery
   PANASONIC KX T4370 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4400 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4410 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4500 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4550 battery
   PANASONIC KX T4600 battery
   PANASONIC KX TA120E battery
   PANASONIC KX TC1005 battery
   PANASONIC KX TC167EB battery
   PANASONIC KX TCA120E battery
   PANASONIC KX TCA121E battery
   PANASONIC KX TCA122E battery
   PANASONIC KX TCA130E battery
   PANASONIC KX TCA132E battery
   PANASONIC KX TCA151EM battery
   PANASONIC KX TCA154EM battery
   PANASONIC KX TCA181E battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD200e battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD202e battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD210e battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD220e battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD240e battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD240es battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD320E battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD410 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD412 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD413 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD420 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD420e battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD422 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD430 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD430E battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD430EB battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD440E battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD445 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD455 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD505 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD507 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD510 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD510AX battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD515 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD517 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD545 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD560 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD560ES battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD650 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD650 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD700 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD705 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD706 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD715 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD725 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD735 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD735EM battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD755 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD775 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD777 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD820e battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD915 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD920 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD950 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD950EB battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD953EB battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD955 battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD955EB battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD955EC battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD961EB battery
   PANASONIC KX TCD970 battery
   PANASONIC KX TDC560 battery
   PANASONIC KX TDC560ES battery
   PANASONIC KX TDC950 battery
   PANASONIC KX TDC950E battery
   PANASONIC KX TDC960 battery
   PANASONIC KX TDC970 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2302B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2303 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2312 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2312W battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2313 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2313F battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2313P battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2313W battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2314 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2314PK battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2314S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2314W battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2322 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2322B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2335 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2335S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2336 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2336S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2343 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2343P battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2343W battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2344 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2344B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2344BP battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2346 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2346S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2347 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2355 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2355S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2356 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2356BP battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2356S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2357 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2357B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2357PK battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2357S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG236 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2386 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2386B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2388 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2388B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2480 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG2480S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG411ET battery
   PANASONIC KX TG4500 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG4500B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5050 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5050W battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5055 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5055W battery
   PANASONIC KX TG505W battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5200 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5200M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5202 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5202M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5210 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5210M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5212 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5212BP battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5212M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5213 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5230 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5230M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5240 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5240M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5242 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5242M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5243 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5243M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5421 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5421B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5421S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5421W battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5422 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5422M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5423 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5423M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5428 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5428R battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5431 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5431S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5431W battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5432 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5432B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5432M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5433 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5433M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5436 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5438 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5438F battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5438S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5439 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5439S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5441 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5451 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5451S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5452 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5452M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5453 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5456 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5456M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5456S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG547 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5471 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5471S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG548 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5480 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5480S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG549 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5561 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5561M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5566 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5566M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5571 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5571M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5576 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5576M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5577 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5583 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5583PK battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5621 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5621S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5622 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5622M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5623 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5623B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5631 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5631S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5632 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5632M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5633 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5633B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5634 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5634M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5651 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5651S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5652 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5652M battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5653 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5653B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5654 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5664 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5671 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5671S battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5672 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5672B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5673 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG5673B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6111 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6112 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6121 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6122 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6123 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6411EB battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6421E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6424E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6500 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6500B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6502 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6502B battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6511 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6512 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG6711E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG7100 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG7120 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG7120e battery
   PANASONIC KX TG7160 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG7160E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG7160ES battery
   PANASONIC KX TG7180 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG7180E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG7180ES battery
   PANASONIC KX TG7220E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG7321E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8021E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8200E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8202E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8220 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8220 battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8220E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8220EW battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8321E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8324E battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8423EB battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8524EB battery
   PANASONIC KX TG8561E battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA110EX battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA233 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA234 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA235 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA235B battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA236 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA238 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA248 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA450 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA450B battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA500 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA520 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA520M battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA523 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA523M battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA541 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA541S battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA541W battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA542 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA542B battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA542M battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA542S battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA545 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA545S battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA546 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA546S battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA547 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA547S battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA548 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA548R battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA549 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA549F battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA549S battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA550 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA550M battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA551 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA551M battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA552 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA552M battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA560 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA610 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA610e battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA641E battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA650 battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA650B battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA672E battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA711E battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA720E battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA721E battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA730E battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA8021E battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA810E battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA830E battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA840E battery
   PANASONIC KX TGA850E battery
   PANASONIC KX TH102 battery
   PANASONIC KX TH111 battery
   PANASONIC KX TH112 battery
   PANASONIC KX THA11 battery
   PANASONIC KX THA12 battery
   PANASONIC KX THA17 battery
   PANASONIC KX THA19 battery
   PANASONIC P 4NPT battery
   PANASONIC P104A/1B battery
   PANASONIC P4NPT battery
   PANASONIC TYPE 29 battery
PHILIPS Cordless Phones
   PHILIPS 5152 battery
   PHILIPS 5250 battery
   PHILIPS ALEOR battery
   PHILIPS ALEOR ANA TD 9220 battery
   PHILIPS ALORIS 5100 battery
   PHILIPS CD140 battery
   PHILIPS CD150 battery
   PHILIPS CD155 battery
   PHILIPS CD230 battery
   PHILIPS CD235 battery
   PHILIPS CD250 battery
   PHILIPS CD255 battery
   PHILIPS CD445 battery
   PHILIPS CD4453 battery
   PHILIPS CD4453/s battery
   PHILIPS CD4851 battery
   PHILIPS Dect 111 battery
   PHILIPS Dect 225 battery
   PHILIPS Dect 515 battery
   PHILIPS Dect 521 battery
   PHILIPS Dect 525 battery
   PHILIPS Dect 5253 battery
   PHILIPS Dect 5253s battery
   PHILIPS Dect 5253s/05 battery
   PHILIPS EVALIA 5400 battery
   PHILIPS EVALIA 5500 battery
   PHILIPS EVALIA 5600 battery
   PHILIPS EVALIA 5600 C battery
   PHILIPS EVALIA 5800 battery
   PHILIPS ICANA battery
   PHILIPS ICANA 5250 battery
   PHILIPS ICANA 5260 battery
   PHILIPS ICANA 5350 battery
   PHILIPS ICANA 5550 battery
   PHILIPS ID937 battery
   PHILIPS KALA battery
   PHILIPS KALA 200 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 200 PLUS battery
   PHILIPS KALA 200 VOX battery
   PHILIPS KALA 200 VOX DUO battery
   PHILIPS KALA 300 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 3322 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 3353 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6120 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6121 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6123 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6131 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6133 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6523 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6523 DUO battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6533 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6622 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6721 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6721 DUO battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6735 battery
   PHILIPS KALA 6822 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 2 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 200 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 200 VOX battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 300 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 300 VOX battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 5321 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 5350 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 5351 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 5352 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 5371 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 6311 CS2 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 6331 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 6411 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 6511 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 6611 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 6611 VOX battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 6810 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS 6816 battery
   PHILIPS ONIS VOX 6611 battery
   PHILIPS SE250 battery
   PHILIPS SE255 battery
   PHILIPS SE435 battery
   PHILIPS SE655 battery
   PHILIPS SONATA 5200 battery
   PHILIPS SONATA 5220 battery
   PHILIPS TD6100 battery
   PHILIPS TD6120 battery
   PHILIPS TD6311 battery
   PHILIPS TD6326 battery
   PHILIPS TD6600 battery
   PHILIPS TD6626 battery
   PHILIPS TD6726 battery
   PHILIPS TD9228 battery
   PHILIPS TD9249 battery
   PHILIPS XALIO 200 battery
   PHILIPS XALIO 300 battery
   PHILIPS XALIO 6100 battery
   PHILIPS XALIO 6200 battery
   PHILIPS XALIO 6400 battery
   PHILIPS XALIO 6600 battery
   PHILIPS XALIO 6600 VOX battery
   PHILIPS XALIO 6800 battery
   PHILIPS XALIO 6820 battery
   PHILIPS XALIO 6850 battery
   PHILIPS ZENIA 200 battery
   PHILIPS ZENIA 200 VOICE battery
   PHILIPS ZENIA 6326 battery
   PHILIPS ZENIA 6626 battery
   PHILIPS ZENIA 6726 battery
Phone Easy Cordless Phones
   Phone Easy Dect 315 battery
SAGEM Cordless Phones
   SAGEM 2SNAAA55HSJP1 battery
   SAGEM DPC 300 battery
   SAGEM MISTRAL 10 200 battery
   SAGEM MISTRAL 20 200 battery
   SAGEM MISTRAL 20 220 battery
   SAGEM PACK TRIO 21300 battery
SAMSUNG Cordless Phones
   SAMSUNG COCOON 950 battery
   SAMSUNG DECT battery
   SAMSUNG EUROTEL 3200 battery
   SAMSUNG EUROTEL3000 battery
   SAMSUNG SP R5100 battery
   SAMSUNG SP R5150 battery
   SAMSUNG SP R5200 battery
   SAMSUNG SP R5220 battery
   SAMSUNG SP R5250 battery
   SAMSUNG SP R5250SC battery
   SAMSUNG SP R5260 battery
   SAMSUNG SP R6100 battery
   SAMSUNG SP R6150 battery
   SAMSUNG SP R7000 battery
   SAMSUNG SP R7100 battery
SANYO Cordless Phones
   SANYO CAS 120 battery
   SANYO CAS 130 battery
   SANYO CLA serie battery
   SANYO CLT series 4/5/6 battery
   SANYO CLT3200 battery
   SANYO CLT340 battery
   SANYO CLT3600 battery
   SANYO CLT440 battery
   SANYO CLT520 battery
   SANYO CLT523 battery
   SANYO CLT593 battery
   SANYO CLT6100 battery
   SANYO CLT6300 battery
SHARP Cordless Phones
   SHARP 3010 battery
SIEMENS Cordless Phones
   SIEMENS AL28H battery
   SIEMENS C30852D1640X1 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 100 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 1000 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 1010 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 1012 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 1015 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 1020 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 1030 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 200 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 2000 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 2000S battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 2010 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 2011 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 2015 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 2016 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 2020 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 2021 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 2030 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 2031 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 2060 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 3000 Classic battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 3000 Comfort battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 3000 Pocket battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 3010 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 3010 Classic battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 3010 Comfort battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 3010 Micro battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 3010 Pocket battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 3015 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 3015 Classic battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 3015 Comfort battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 4000 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 4000L Classic battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 4000L Comfort battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 4010 Classic battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 4010 Comfort battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 4015 Comfort battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 4015 Comfort DUO battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 910 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET 912 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A100 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A12 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A120 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A14 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A140 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A140 Duo battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A140 Trio battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A145 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A16 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A160 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A160 Trio battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A165 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A165 Trio battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A24 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A240 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A240 Duo battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A245 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A245 Duo battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A26 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A260 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A260 Duo battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A260 Trio battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET A265 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET AL145 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET AL145 Duo battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET AS140 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET AS140 Duo battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET AS150 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET AS150 Duo battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET C300 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET C300A battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET C385 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET C475 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET C585 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET C595 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET C610 battery
   SIEMENS GIGASET Q063 battery
   SIEMENS S30852D1640X1 battery
   SIEMENS S795 battery
   SIEMENS V30145K1310X359 battery
   SIEMENS V30145K1310X383 battery
SKYPHONE Cordless Phones
   SKYPHONE 7040 battery
SONY Cordless Phones
   SONY SPP 20 battery
   SONY SPP 22 battery
   SONY SPP 55 battery
   SONY SPP 57 battery
   SONY SPP 65 battery
   SONY SPP 90 battery
   SONY SPP A20 battery
   SONY SPP A40 battery
   SONY SPP A57 battery
   SONY SPP A60 battery
   SONY SPP D15 battery
South Western Bell Cordless Phones
   South Western Bell FF700 battery
   South Western Bell FF750 battery
   South Western Bell FF760 battery
   South Western Bell FF770 battery
   South Western Bell FF777 battery
   South Western Bell FF780 battery
   South Western Bell FF790 battery
   South Western Bell FF800 battery
   South Western Bell FF880 battery
   South Western Bell FF884 battery
   South Western Bell FF888 battery
   South Western Bell FF888 2 OR 3 BLACK battery
   South Western Bell FF889 ADHS battery
   South Western Bell FF890 battery
   South Western Bell FF894 TAM battery
   South Western Bell FF895 battery
   South Western Bell FF895 TAM battery
   South Western Bell FF896 battery
   South Western Bell FF900 battery
   South Western Bell FF901 ADHS battery
   South Western Bell S2000 battery
   South Western Bell S2200 battery
SWATCH Cordless Phones
   SWATCH Blue Whale battery
   SWATCH Jumping Dolphin battery
   SWATCH Orange Utan battery
TELCOM Cordless Phones
   TELCOM 810 battery
TESCO Cordless Phones
   TESCO Arc 100 battery
UNIDEN Cordless Phones
   UNIDEN BP38 battery
   UNIDEN BP39 battery
   UNIDEN BP40 battery
   UNIDEN BT1013 battery
   UNIDEN BT537 battery
   UNIDEN CT301 battery
   UNIDEN GMR1038 battery
   UNIDEN GMR1048 battery
   UNIDEN GMR1438 battery
   UNIDEN GMR1448 battery
   UNIDEN GMR2059 battery
   UNIDEN GMR2089 battery
   UNIDEN GMR2099 battery
   UNIDEN GMR2889 2CK battery
   UNIDEN GMR635 battery
   UNIDEN GMR645 battery
   UNIDEN GMR680 battery
   UNIDEN GMR855 battery
   UNIDEN GMR855 2CK battery
   UNIDEN GMR885 battery
   UNIDEN GMR895 battery
   UNIDEN GMRS battery
   UNIDEN GMRS380 battery
   UNIDEN GMRS680 battery
   UNIDEN XC310 battery
   UNIDEN XC315 battery
   UNIDEN XC320 battery
   UNIDEN XC340 battery
UNIROSS Compatible Cordless Phones
   UNIROSS Compatible 04C battery
   UNIROSS Compatible 04H battery
   UNIROSS Compatible 12H battery
   UNIROSS Compatible 30H battery
   UNIROSS Compatible 33H battery
   UNIROSS Compatible 34H battery
   UNIROSS Compatible 82H battery
   UNIROSS Compatible 84H battery
   UNIROSS Compatible 85H battery
   UNIROSS Compatible 86C battery
   UNIROSS Compatible 88H battery
   UNIROSS Compatible 92H battery
VTECH Cordless Phones
   VTECH MIRAGE A100 battery
   VTECH MIRAGE A102 battery
   VTECH MIRAGE A110 battery
   VTECH MIRAGE C100 battery
   VTECH MIRAGE C220 battery
   VTECH MIRAGE CX100 battery
   VTECH MIRAGE X100 battery
   VTECH MIRAGE X110 battery
   VTECH MIRAGE Z100 battery