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User manuals and and user instructions for
most Uniross battery chargers

All user guides available on this page are in the Adobe PDF format

If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your machine you can download it for free >>


Uniross User Guides

Uniross SPRINT 1-2 Hour Charger - RC103152 (pdf - 400K)
Uniross SPRINT 90 Charger - RC104318 (pdf - 530K)
Uniross SPRINT One Hour Charger - RC103155 (pdf - 210K)
Uniross One Hour Charger (2008 model) U0142250 (pdf - 585K)
Uniross SMART charger - U0148184 (pdf - 1.8mb)
Uniross EASY charger - U0148122 (pdf - 130K)
Uniross PP3 9V charger - U0148986 (pdf - 1.2mb)
Uniross SPRINT 30 Minute Charger - RC103158 (pdf - 750K)
Uniross SPRINT 15 Minute Charger - RC103814 (pdf - 885k)
Uniross SPRINT CR-V3 Charger - RC104371 (pdf - 535k)
Uniross Globe Trotter Pocket Charger - RC103719 (pdf - 250k)
Uniross X-Press 150 Charger - RC101127 (pdf - 480K)
Uniross X-Press 1000 Charger - RC101691 (pdf - 850K)
Uniross X-Press 700 Charger - RC104311 (pdf - 600K)
Uniross X-Press 300 (and Hybrio) Charger - RC104429 (pdf - 550K)
Uniross X-Press 300 Charger (old shape) - RC101161 (pdf - 570K)
Uniross X-Press mini Charger - RC104423 (pdf - 425K)
Uniross Universal 120 Charger - RC100926 (pdf - 640K)
Uniross Universal 320 Charger - RC101296 (pdf - 870K)
Uniross Universal Li-Ion Digital Camera Battery Charger- VC102216 (pdf - 435K)
Uniross Universal 'Magic' Charger (pdf - 49K)
Uniross 2500mA Universal Power Adaptor - AD101708 (pdf - 1.6mb)

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