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Technoline iCharger Car Cord

Technoline Car Charger for Technoline battery charger

12V Car Adaptor for the
Technoline iChargers (BC-900, BC-1000) and 
3V Tchnoline BL700
battery charger

input: 12V DC

output: 3V DC - 4A

Not Suitable for use with the
new 12V BL-700N battery charger

Please note : Most Technoline battery chargers have a very specific 3V input voltage requirement which is supplied by the 110-240V mains adapter that is included with the battery charger when first purchased.

However, if you have an original 3V battery charger and  intend to use it with a 12V system (e.g. car, boat, caravan etc) then you must use this car cord adapter which incorporates a step down voltage regulator to provide the required 3V.

The use of any standard 12V car cord adapter with a 3V Technoline battery charger will result in permanent damage to your battery charger and any such damage is not covered by warranty..


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