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The SMART Light Bulb

The SMART Light is a highly efficient low energy light bulb with a difference!

A built in passive infra-red (PIR) motion sensor detects movement and when movement is detected the light bulb switches on automatically.

The SMART Light is great for for use in hallways, porches, landings, corridors, garages, storage rooms, communal areas, toilets etc etc etc  as it saves fumbling for light switches or leaving lights on for hours on end. The functionality also means the bulb can used as a security lamp. 

Lighting duration can be adjusted using the built-in timer control so that once triggered by motion the SMART light will switch on and stay illuminated for anywhere between 10 seconds and 5 minutes depending on your preference.

The SMART Light also contains an ambient light level sensor that can be adjusted to prevent the bulb being triggered during daylight hours

The 20W (75W equivalent) high efficiency, low energy SMART Light bulb produces a brighter 1030 Lumen "warmlight" with over 8,000 hours life time and  20,000 PIR motion sensor on-off cycles. 

The SMART Light carries the top European Energy "A" rating  and could cut energy usage when compared to an ordinary light bulb by up to 80%

Absolutely no installation required, no messy wiring and no need to pay for an electrician. You simply swap your existing light bulb with the SMART Light and you are up and running immediately. 

** not suitable for use with dimmer switches

The SMART Light has an E27 screw fitting and is supplied with an E27 to B22 bayonet adaptor (standard UK fitting) so can be used in both types of light socket.

SMART Light Bulb

** We no longer stock this light bulb **


.. but have you seen our latest motion sensor light ?



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