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eneloop PRO Batteries (BK-3HCDE)

Panasonic eneloop PRO AA rechargeable batteries

5th Generation eneloop PRO from Panasonic,  the latest version in the superb range of high capacity award winning eneloop rechargeable batteries. The 5th Generation eneloop PRO battery from Panasonic has a minimum capacity of 2500mAh (typical capacity 2600mAh) and is generally considered to be the ultimate professional standard AA battery available anywhere today. Made in Japan.


min Capacity :  2500mAh
Size :  AA

Voltage : 

Part No :   BK-3HCDE-4BE
4 pack

Price  :

inc VAT and UK delivery


eneloop pro AA size rechargeable battery (BK-3HCDE). This battery is the highest capacity and lowest self discharge eneloop battery ever produced. The eneloop pro rechargeable battery from Panasonic has been specifically designed for professional use.

We also stock classic eneloop AA and eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries .. 

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