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MR16 GU5.3 LED Spot Light Bulbs

GU5.3 LED Spot Light

connector base : GU5.3/MR16

These high quality aluminium LED spot light bulbs are a direct replacement for any standard MR16 spot light using existing GU5.3 light fittings, including lamp holders with bulb retaining clips. This 12V LED spot light bulb offers a high light output, low power consumption and a very long life span.

The light produced is of a similar intensity to that of a conventional 35W spot light and is often the preferred option for ceiling lighting when compared to more powerful LED bulbs available which can often seem quite harsh in comparison

LED spot lights are much more efficient than conventional halogen spot lights in terms of power consumption due to the high efficiency of the LED used. This improved efficiency equates directly to significant energy savings.

The bulbs run cool and and are therefore an attractive proposition where excessive heat from standard halogen spots can be a problem. One of the reasons why standard halogen spot lights fail so regularly is due to over-heating, and by comparison, the relatively low heat generated by LED bulbs is a contributing factor in overcoming this problem.

Extremely popular in the home and office, LED spot light bulbs are also perfect for museums and retail display cases as the bulbs do not emit the ultra violet and infra red light associated with standard halogen spot lights. 

These MR16/GU5.3 LED spot light bulbs have an extremely long operating span (50,000 hours) which make them even more attractive when fitted in hard to reach places as the hassle and maintenance costs associated with bulb replacement are dramatically reduced over the lifetime of the bulb. 

This is a Warm White light bulb.

dimensions : 50 x 55 mm
Voltage : 12V DC
watts : 3W
lumens : 180
LED type : 1W
no. of LEDs :
casing : aluminium
power factor : >=95%
operating span : >=50,000 hours
beam angle : 60
dimmable :  no
colour temp :  

warm white

certification :  


warranty :  

2 Years

** not suitable for use with dimmer switches **

4.75 each
including VAT


FREE UK delivery on al GU10 LED spot light bulbs

We are so confident in the quality of these spotlights that we are happy to offer all our customers a full 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not entirely happy with the build quality or performance of the spotlight you can simply return the bulb to us for a full and immediate refund.

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