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LED Motion Sensor Smart Light


This LED Motion Sensor Ceiling light is 'A' rated for efficiency

 Our best selling LED ceiling light with built-in microwave motion sensor designed for both domestic and commercial use. Perfect if you would like a light that switches on automatically when you approach and then automatically switch off again when not required!!

The MS-1833 Motion sensing LED ceiling light is commonly used in residential entrance lobbies, porches, hallways, corridors and landings and is also popular for use in storage rooms, toilets, utility rooms etc. This light is the perfect solution if you want to add an automatic light without the need for complicated wiring and external sensors. You can very quickly and easily replace virtually any existing light fitting with the minimum of fuss.

The sensitivity of the motion sensor can be adjusted to cover a small or wide area (up to 8m). The motion sensor is a microwave sensor and therefore operates through the cover of the LED light.

The built in timer electronics can be adjusted so that once triggered the LED light will stay illuminated for between 5 seconds and 25 minutes depending on the setting selected.

The light fitting also contains a light level sensor which can be adjusted so that the LED light will only operate once a certain level of darkness has been reached. This can be set so that the light will only come on if it is dark. This is particularly useful if the light is used in an entrance lobby for example where you wouldn't want the light to be triggered every time somebody passes during the day in full daylight.

The base is constructed of brushed aluminium and the diffuser cover is made from a high grade of PMMA lightweight shatterproof plastic The diffuser is attached to the base using a twist and lock motion which means the cover is easily removed for setting changes and cleaning if required.

This LED light fitting assembly is very easy to install and can directly replace most existing light fittings.

Full operating instructions are included. 



model :  MS-1833
dimensions : 33 x 10 cm
Voltage : 220-240V
lumens : 1200 lm
type : LED
SMD LED chips : Samsung
no. of LED : 36 x 0.5W
temperature :
-10 ~ 60 C
motion sensor : Microwave
sensor range : up to 8m
CRI : >75
power factor : >=85%
IP rating : IP40
certification : CE, RoHS

If you have any questions regarding our LED Motion Sensor Ceiling Light 
please call us on 0208 989 1087
(mon-fri 10am - 5pm)

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LED motion sensor light detetction area



If you have any questions regarding our LED Motion Sensor Ceiling Light 
please call us on 0208 989 1087
(mon-fri 10am - 5pm)