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HYBRIO X-Press 300 battery charger

Uniross X-Press 300 including 4 x Hybrio AA rechargeable batteries

Example charge times
AA 1300mAh : 5h20
AA 2100mAh : 8h
AAA 900mAh : 9h

Hybrio X-Press 300 Battery Charger

The classic Uniross X-Press 300 battery charger is supplied with 4 x AA Uniross HYBRIO batteries and has always been a very popular battery charger due to its excellent build quality and proven reliability. Ideal for use with all AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. 

A very handy little battery charger, the Uniross X-Press 300 plugs straight in to the wall and is very simple to use. the batteries included are suitable for use with all devices using AA batteries. Charges two or four AA or AAA batteries in pairs, two at the front and two at the back. This charger unit will also charge 1 x PP3 battery on its own. 

Uniross HYBRIO batteries hold on to their charge for very long periods and are also very environmentally friendly simply because they can be recharged again and again and again.

Although supplied with AA HYBRIO batteries, this charger will also charge any other NiMH AA/AAA or PP3 rechargeable battery you may already be using. Superb build quality. Built-in UK plug means the charger plugs straight into the wall.

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