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ENELOOP Rechargeable batteries?


Do I really need the highest capacity batteries I can get?

eneloop and Fujitsu batteries are the battery of choice for almost every application. Don't for one minute think that you are getting a lesser battery simply because the capacity is rated at 2000mAH whilst high capacity NiMH AA batteries are rated at 2300,2500 or even 2700mAh.

The reason for this is simple and comes down to the 'self' or 'natural' discharge found in all regular NiMH rechargeable batteries.

What self discharge means is that once charged, a fully charged NiMH battery is losing a small part of its charge on a daily basis even when not being used. In fact, the higher the rated capacity of the battery, the faster the rate of self discharge becomes! 

An eneloop battery on the other hand has a VERY LOW self discharge which means it can maintain its stored power for months and months on end. This very low self discharge characteristic is what makes eneloop batteries so very popular with most battery users.

If you charged a 2700mAh AA and a 2000mAh AA eneloop battery and put them both to use immediately in a power hungry device then the 2700mAh battery would give you approximately 25% longer use due to its higher initial capacity. 

However, if you left the batteries in a digital camera for example and came back to them a few weeks later then the eneloop batteries would now give you much longer use simply because they will have held on to most of their stored power while the 2700mAh battery would have lost a considerable amount of charge due to the self discharge mentioned earlier.

In a nutshell the numbers game (mAh capacity) goes out the window unless you really hammer your batteries and are constantly charging them when used in extremely power hungry devices. For the average user, Sanyo eneloop batteries offer a much more reliable solution and this is why we now sell more AA eneloop batteries than all other AA batteries put together! 

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