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Frequently Asked eneloop Questions  

How can I tell the difference between an older eneloop and newer improved versions?

The clever engineers over at eneloop are continually working to improve the performance of their batteries and over the years there have been a few significant improvements to the design and performance of eneloop batteries. We can refer to these improvements as 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation and the most recent versions which are 5th generation. You can differentiate between the different generations simply by checking the model name which is written on the side of each and every eneloop battery. 

It is worth noting that 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation eneloop batteries were manufactured by Sanyo and the latest 4th and 5th  generation eneloop batteries are now manufactured by Panasonic in Japan as they have bought the eneloop battery business from Sanyo. 


1st Gen HR-3UTG HR-4UTG
5th Gen BK-3MCCE (10Year) BK-4MCCE (10year)

The eneloop high capacity AA batteries are known as PRO (previously XX)


1st Gen HR-3UWX n/a
2nd Gen HR-3UWXA n/a

What is the voltage of an eneloop battery?
The terminal voltage of both AA and AAA eneloop rechargeable batteries is 1.2V

What is the typical mAh rating of a standard eneloop AA battery?
AA eneloop batteries have a typical capacity rating of 2000 mAh.
AAA eneloop batteries have a typical capacity rating of 800 mAh.

However, due to a recent EU battery capacity directive, all rechargeable AA and AAA NiMH batteries must now state a minimum capacity on the battery sleeve and not the traditional typical value. What this means is that the most recent AA eneloop battery now states a minimum capacity of 1900mAh (typical capacity 2000mAh) and AAA eneloop batteries will now state a minimum capacity of 750mAh (typical capacity 800mAh)

How long does the eneloop battery last if I use them on a regular basis?
One 4th generation white eneloop battery may be charged, and re-charged up to 2,100* times. Usage will vary depending on what type of device the eneloop battery is used in.
*Battery life based on IEC-61951-2 ( Actual results may vary according to use.

How long will the eneloop battery last if I do not use it?
A 4th generation eneloop battery may remain up to 70% charged if not used for up to 5 years (or 90% charged after 1 year).
*Capacity is based on IEC-61951-2 (7.2.1.). Actual results may vary according to use.

Do eneloop batteries fall under the new airline travel guidelines for lithium batteries?
No. The chemistry that eneloop batteries use is Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH).  eneloop batteries are not lithium and therefore do not fall under the new travel regulations for lithium batteries. 

Does temperature have an effect on the performance of an eneloop battery?
Yes, temperature does have an effect on rechargeable batteries. If it is too hot, the high temperature could cause a battery to discharge at a faster rate than you might normally expect. On the other hand, eneloop works better than alkaline, and other rechargeable batteries in freezing temperatures and are rated for use in conditions as low as -20 C. This is one of the reasons why eneloop batteries are so popular for use in bike lights, GPS etc during the winter months.

What is the number of charge/discharge cycles I can expect from the latest white eneloop batteries?
The new eneloop may be charged up to 2,100 times*.
*Battery life based on IEC-61951-2 ( Actual results may vary according to use.

What does mAh stand for?
The (mA) stands for milliamps. The (h) stands for hour. This rating is used so that you can compare the capacity of one rechargeable battery against another (non-rechargeable batteries never state capacities!)  Generally speaking the higher the capacity of a battery the more charge the battery can hold. A good analogy is the petrol tank in a car, if you have a bigger petrol tank (capacity) you will of course run for longer before you need to fill up again.


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