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Wall Clock with Automatic Backlight

The stylish Technoline WT-7400 analogue wall clock has a top quality quartz mechanism but it's trump card is its automatic backlight which sets it apart from the rest. The built-in light level sensor detects when it becomes dark and turns the backlight on during the hours of darkness and then turns the backlight off again when daylight comes.

The clock, which is 25cm in diamater, has two backlight level settings depending on the light level you prefer and the backlight also has an option where the backlight can be switched off completely. The clock has a modern design with clear black numerals on a sheer white fabric face which combined a brushed aluminium silver surround give the clock a quality look and feel and the clock probably looks even nicer on the wall than it does in the photos. This lovely clock is perfect as a bedroom wall clock with its comforting delicate yellowish backlight for all night visibility.


The clock is powered by 5 x AA batteries, please note that batteries are not included..


29.95 inc VAT

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