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Replacement Motorola D520 battery

This is a newly manufactured replacement battery and not a dusty original that would be way past its sell by date if it were..

A top quality replacement battery for our all-time favourite Grandad phone. Suitable for use in the following 'they don't make them like they used to' handsets :

Motorola M3888 
Motorola M3788e
Motorola M3788
Motorola M3688
Motorola M3588
Motorola M3288
Motorola M3188
Motorola AM3180
Motorola Montreal
Motorola 368
Motorola 560

Replaces: Motorola SNN5292A, C520, D520, M3788, SNN5363A, SNN5292A Battery

Capacity :  800mAh

Voltage : 

Technology :  NiMH

Price  :

inc VAT and UK delivery

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